My Team

I have learned many things during my Real Estate career, but the one thing that matters the most is the ability to assess the unique needs of every client and property, and then bring in the relevant expertise from my team of professionals. From copywriting and photography, to building reports and financial and mortgage advice, I can call upon specific experts to make sure every facet of the marketing and sale process is dealt with in a best practice manner. While some agents try to do everything themselves, with different strengths and weaknesses, I aim to offer strength in all areas, ensuring you get best value and ultimately best price, in the fastest possible time. The best thing is, this costs you no more than it would with any other agent.

My team of professionals include:

Professional Text & Photography to showcase your home

An essential part of marketing your property is being able to strike a chord with the target market, and making them want to come and visit your home. If we don’t get people through the door, it’s very hard to sell! Nicholas Carter, from Demografik is a specialist copywriter and photographer, with a love of property and design. Nicholas visits every home with me to fully understand the unique qualities and features, and then both photographs writes captivating wording for me to feed into the marketing of the property. The difference of using an expert for this process is very powerful, ensuring the right people’s imaginations are stirred, and they are motivated to contact me and find out more.

Mortgage Advice

Professional advice about your next home loan is an essential part of understanding not only what you can afford, but how to structure your mortgage. Sue Clydesdale from Mortgage Express is an expert at tailoring mortgages to client’s specific needs, and getting the best outcomes for them. Sue can help you:

  • Find out how much you can borrow
  • Arrange finance pre-approval before you make an offer

“Joy was exceptional to work with delivering the highest level of service possible.”

Helen & John Eskett
  • Compare your existing lender against the many other options available in the market
  • Options available for low or no deposit
  • Arrange finance before selling your existing home

Property Assessment

I work very closely with Iain Whyte from iScope Ltd, who is a professional building assessor and property specialist. Iain ensures that my clients receive detailed reports on the integrity of houses, which then is able to be fed into the insurance process. Some key skills Iain offers are:

  • Domestic and commercial assessment
  • Intrusive and non-intrusive construction investigations
  • Sum insured residential cost evaluation
  • Quantity surveying
  • Claim management

Home Staging

More and more, in today’s ultra-competitive property market, the need for top notch presentation of a home is an essential part of marketing a home and making it stand above the competition. I work with a team of style professionals, who are able to completely transform a property into a work of art. The service is especially worthwhile for people who have an empty house to sell, or the existing furniture doesn’t create any appeal for visitors.

Property management service

Managing residential real estate property is becoming more complex and time consuming. Sometimes this puts people off investing in property. Sometimes people hear of bad experiences from people trying to do it part-time.

Brent Manderson from the Harcourts Grenadier Accommodation Centre team focuses 100% of his time and resources on the business of residential property management in Christchurch and surrounds. Managing a property portfolio worth more than $400 million right across the city, and being the Top Harcourts Property Management Office in New Zealand since 1999, means you can rely on Brent’s team to have the experience and expertise, the systems and the people, to make owning residential rental property easy for you.

Movie photography

Technology is moving fast, and so are the expectations of an ever growing tech savvy market. As people become more and more time poor, they are looking for quicker, more effective ways to view properties without having to view open homes. I am now able to offer movie-style photography with voice overs, as a part of the marketing program choices to enable more people to see more of your property, any time of the day.

Social Media marketing on Facebook

I am able to advertise your home on Facebook. This social technology gives the ability for your property to reach many new purchasers while they are online, and for others to refer the page or link to their friends in an instant. We have every base covered.

Business Mentor

10 years as a business mentor has given me the skills and the tools to really listen and help understand your specific needs, in relation to your property and the best plan of attack going forward to achieve a sale.